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The legacy and future of CanesCanada.com?

CanesCanada.com is a dream fulfilled by Mr. Llano Gorman. Having worked in men's wear for many years prior to and after his life changing accident, he knows what it means to look your best while having the mobility to life your life your way.

In 1995 after searching for a cane that would match his personality, physical needs and be a sharp accessory to his wardrobe, Llano had to settle for a cane that made him feel injured and inadequate. Rather than feeling defeated Llano became creative and had two canes made for himself. It was at this time he made the decision to find a way to offer a wide selection of canes for others.

In 2001, Llano opened the doors to his first cane company, Classic Canes. He sold his canes at Gios Men's Wear (now Gios Collections for Men). The canes were received with excitement and gratitude. Finally, Canes for People with Style and Adventure in Mind ® could be found locally.

CanesCanada.com opened its doors on the web in early 2002 offering canes from around the world for those who know they deserve more from a cane. For Llano it has been a dream realized knowing he has been able to help others " Walk with a Smile" and  "Walk in Style" ®.

Sadly illness prevented llano from continuing his work and despite amazing support and efforts from his partner Sheila and his family, he found Canes Canada a burden due to limitations caused by his illness.  He decided to find a good home for his company.

The new owners were chosen for their commitment to the spirit of the company and its services to those in need of safe reliable mobility combined with the importance to be able to " Walk with a Smile" and "Walk in Style" ®.   A Teacher who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and her partner who has a background in marketing and customer service, purchased the business in 2013.  The role of Assistant Manager is handled with the highest level of customer care, by Kelsey Brown.

Their youth, experience and dedication to the foundations that make up Canes Canada, will allow it to grow and prosper, helping even more people across North America and the world. We Thank Llano for his efforts and the creation of a company that supplies quality products, fair prices and great customer services.  We will continue your tradition and spirit.