Canes and Hikers 101

1. Fashionable Walking Canes

Our wide selections of fashionable wooden walking canes are made in Canada, the US, England, Germany, Italy, France and China. We have chosen to represent canes from very basic to colourful laminated ones as well as natural to hand carved walking canes. Our goal is to help everyone find a fashionable cane to match both their need and their personality.

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2. Cane Handle Styles

Most first time buyers have little to no information about what kind of cane they should use or would like to hold. There are a multitude of cane handles to choose from that are meant for weight bearing while others are strictly for balance, fun or collecting. For this reason we have compiled the following information. Remember, you can always give us a call if you would rather talk to someone in person by calling our toll free line 1-866-217-8091 or emailing us .

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3. Stylish Nite Sticks, Balancing Aids and Gadget Canes for the Collectors

The Caneman has brought together canes from all over the world for everyday use as well as for show and collecting.

We offer stylish Nite Sticks to accent a black tie outfit, complete a time period costume or as accent pieces for your home or office décor.

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4. How to Measure a Cane, Walk with a Cane and More

Walking with a cane in the correct way is very important. Many people do not know this and, as a result, are walking with their cane either too short or too long or even with the wrong hand. To avoid the aches and pains of walking with a cane incorrectly we have put together some information for you to read through.

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5. Wooden Walking and Hiking Sticks/Staffs

A wooden hiking or walking stick is something that many people have a hard time finding. We have been able to put together a strong selection of fun and sturdy staffs for those who love to hike and understand the benefits that a walking stick provide.

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6. Aluminum Hikers and Trekking Poles

Is it time to explore the world around you? Why not explore it with quality and style? brings you a small collection of folding hikers and trekking poles to help you keep active and remain safe.

Airline luggage cost can prohibit bringing non-collapsible walking sticks or hiking poles on vacations. Folding or straight adjustable hikers cane be stored away in suit cases or in backpacks. Remember to "Hike with a smile and Hike with Style with ®

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7. History of Canes

Canes and walking sticks have been apart of our history for as many years as people have walked on the earth. They have been used for practical reasons as well as for special occasions. As it was in past history, we can once again use a cane to help keep us active and safe without the stigma of being "old".

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