1. Fashionable Walking Canes

Why Buy a Fashionable Walking Cane

  • To add style and show the world you are who you are!
  • To accessorize your everyday or work wardrobe.
  • For a special occasion like a wedding, graduation, black tie event.
  • To add to or start a cane collection.

Fashionable Wooden Walking Canes
Our wide selections of fashionable wooden walking canes are made in Canada, the US, England, Germany, Italy, France and China. We have chosen to represent canes from very basic to colourful laminated ones as well as natural to hand carved walking canes.  Our goal is to help everyone find a fashionable cane to match both their need and their personality. 

             Derby                               Fritz                        Patterned                 Laminated                   Western

Exotic Woods and Hand Carved Canes

Walking with a cane for a few months is very different from walking with a cane for years.  Once a cane becomes a part of everyday life, purchasing one becomes more personal.  A wooden cane made from chestnut or maple is very common but finding one made from an exotic wood or that is personalized with a special carving adds to the appeal.  We have many woods available to us to make walking canes from like amaranth, cocobolo, rosewood, bocote, paduk, bloodwood, cherry wood and ebony.  Our hand carved wooden canes are usually made from Rocky Mountain Juniper but can also be made from Black Walnut and Mahogany.


Cherry                     Padauk                          Zebrawood

       Amaranth                  Ebony                            Hand carved

Metal Handle Canes

We offer an assortment of cane handle styles made from brass with some chrome plated (plated on metal or hard plastic) as well as ones made from Sterling Silver, German Silver or Alpacca and 14K Gold.   Most people like to use a metal handle cane when dressing up. There is nothing like an elegant cane to complete our attire or to give us the sense of pride that makes us look as good as we feel.   

Often times, a metal handle is preferred for a formal cane being used occasionally rather than an everyday cane.  One reason for this, especially in winter, is because metal handles become cold which can be hard on our hands especially an arthritic hand.   Many over come this by using gloves or buying our Chrome Derby which is plated on hard plastic.  It really doesn't matter whether this style of cane is being used as a formal cane or as an everyday cane, the cane becomes the accessory that brings completion to your personal look. 

Alpacca                       Sterling Silver                       Chrome Plated                      Brass   

Fancy Handle Canes

Using a fancy handle cane is one way to show personal style.  CanesCanada.com offers a variety of fancy handle canes which are made from  high impact plastic.  These Italian made handles come in multiple colours.  The derby, crook and square handles as well as the other handle styles in this line come in three colour styles - simulate horn, white ivory and shell.   The eagle and fish cane lines are found in the colour option seen below but the duck head cane comes in five colour choices.

                Derby                           Crook                    Square               Eagle             Fish                       Duck

We also carry a collection of simulated antique scrimshaw cane handles which are made of polymer resin. Ivory, in itself, is a very elegant and exotic. For good reason, it is no longer something that is legal to sell without a license. Our simulated handles help to bring a touch of the past into the present. Being made from a softer material than our other fancy handles, the simulated scrimshaw can nick more easily so they are recommended to be used as an occasional cane or for collecting.

    Bird of Prey            Acorn  Fritz                    Rabbit                                Fox

Altogether we have four lines of fancy handle canes available to us.  Not all of the handle styles are represented on our web site so if you are looking for a particular cane let us know.

Contact Information

Each of our suppliers brings their own creativity, style and craftsmanship that we are proud to offer to you.  We invite you to look through our web site found at www.canescanada.com.   Our quality products are designed for those looking for more than just a cane.   

Feel free to contact us if you have any questons. 1-866-217-8091 or email us at info@canescanada.com, www.canescanada.com