Rainbow Barley Canes

Our Rainbow collection Barley Canes are handmade for CanesCanada.com and has up to 23 pieces of natural wood laminated together to make not just a cane, but a work of art. Each of these canes are individually turned which means there won't be two alike.  Weighs less than 1 lb.  All canes come standard with an orthopedic handle the same colour wood as the cane.The colour pattern and the twisted shaft really make this cane fun and fashionable.

Our Rainbow canes are a dream to take care for because each piece of wood is stained through and through, you will never lose the colour tone to dents or scratches.  And, when it comes time for a little touch up, just lightly sand down the area that is scratched with either fine sand paper or with fine grade steel wool, wipe clean with a dry cloth and then spray with a clear varathane.

Remember to Walk in Style and Walk in with a Smile ®

Product Selection

The shortest length this cane can be cut to is 34"

Please Note: These canes can no longer be ordered. This is the last stock of these items.

RBC-20-BC Highlander Blue - 1 in Stock

RBC-40-BC Plum - 5 in Stock

RBC-60-BC - Field and Stream - 8 in Stock

RBC-70-BC Bean -  6 in Stock


  • Length - approx 36.5"
  • Collar - none
  • Tip Size - varies
  • Weight Bearing - up to 170 Lbs

$119.00 CAD