ere are some comments from our customers. Yours may be a simple online purchase that does not warrent a glowing report back, but isn't it nice to know we will do our best regardless of your mobility needs.

Sept 2014

Hello Kelsey;

Just wanted to take the time to thank you and Canes Canada for your assistance with the purchase of our walking sticks.

 We just received our walking sticks and they are beautiful.  My rainbow stick looks just like the one on your website.
 The quality is beautiful.  Definitely looking forward to seeing the carved wolf cane for my father.

 Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.

 Mary Ann Simpson

Aug 2014


I have now had my cane for one week. I have the black and red rainbow bean cane.I have had so many comments on the beauty and originality of the cane.

When I had to get a cane my reasoning was simple: If I HAVE to have a cane, make it a conversation piece. This cane has certainly proved to be such.

My Chiropractor who recommended that I get a cane has also noticed the difference in the alignment of my bones. My posture/bones seem to keep more aligned than they did before I got the cane.

Thank you for providing such unique and ergonomic canes.

Karin Lee

 June 2014

Dear Canes Canada and Kelsey,

Warning: This is an unadulterated LOVE letter and its going to get windy and mushy!

I live in the Adirondack Mountains in New York and my mom lives outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Just as we were about to leave after a recent visit, I suddenly felt the need to check her two different commercial, U.S.-store-bought, adjustable, ultra-light-weight aluminum canes.

To my horror, both of them were about to break or collapse.
(The push-button adjustment thingy was still operable, but the constant pounding of using the canes had caused the adjustment holes to stretch/enlarge by at least a factor of two from the original hole size, putting enormous stress on the canes at the point of adjustment.)

Not wanting to terrorize my dear mum, I warned her that they seemed a bit "wobbly" and she might want to take it easy on them“ especially on the stairs, until I could get her new ones, which is a laugh because they are her only means of mobility. To my surprise, she knew they were breaking but hadn't taken it seriously. Then I carefully measured them and returned them to her.

As soon as I could, I started searching the Internet for ONE PIECE ALUMINUM CANES, which would provide her with additional cane strength, but that could be custom-sized, because like most people she needs two different sizes, 33” on the left and 33“ on the right.

Well I searched and I searched. I “Googled” it over and over, reading lots of pages of good useful information and in the process gaining invaluable “key words” to search on, but I could not find what I was looking for: a company who would sell a one-piece, Sheppards - hook - top, lightweight aluminum cane that could be custom-sized -- at any price!

I “Amazon-ed” the search. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Now I was beginning to worry. Hours of reading Internet site pages began to slip by. Then I stumbled upon "Canes Canada" and voila!! It looked like they had exactly what I was looking for, but to be sure I decided to call and talk to a real person.

Enter Kelsey at Canes Canada: polite, knowledgeable, detailed, compassionate, understanding, and an absolute delight to work with! (Canes Canada, you need to keep this woman at all costs! She is amazing.) The clouds opened up and the sun decided to shine on my lucky day!

My Mom got her custom-sized canes delivered to her farmhouse door yesterday (since she can’t walk out to her mail box, I’m doubly glad I shipped them direct to her from Canes Canada via FedEx Ground).

She was already raving about them by last night. She loves the special palm grip handle for the left hand, she said it feels “soft” and doesn’t pinch the way the traditional round handle was doing. The Sheppard’s-hook-top right hand cane being 7/8” diameter felt “stronger” than her original (because it is!) cane . . . and she likes that feeling of strength and stability very much.

She asked me if I could get her left hand cane in the same materials as the right, but until Canes Canada can find a manufacturer to make one with the palm grip handle for the 7/8” diameter aluminum, I told her it’s not going to be possible. Now to “sweeten the pot” if that’s even possible, these two (2) custom-sized one-piece aluminum canes even with special FedEx Ground direct shipment were less expensive than one (1) not-specially sized, not as strong U.S. cane of comparable features and design! Holy cow! Please look into listing your goods on Amazon. In doing so, you could be helping a lot of people below the border like me and my mum.

Canes Canada and Kelsey, you have saved two lives: my mother’s and mine.

I cannot begin to thank you enough!

Thrilled in New York, Melissa  Heshmat

August 2013
 I bought your Field and Stream laminated cane in 2004 from Duluth Trading Company in Wisconsin. It has served me well daily  since then and has occasioned many compliments. It easily bears my weight and is as strong today as on the day I first used it. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship!

- John F. Swenson

 Nov 2013

Since I bought the wooden seat cane from CanesCanada.com, I hardly
  ever go out without responding to people who come up to me to ask where I got
  it.  I wonder if you would send me some business cards to keep handy for
  those who inquire?

I'm actually curious to know if your sales in
  Montreal have increased since I bought this cane.  I have verbally given
  your website name to at at least twenty people in the last year alone. 
  People here mostly speak French and may have some trouble with your
  English-only site, but I speak French fluently and have given information
  about the cane in French.  For example, I always mention the maximum
  weight, which is a big selling point for me.  Your wooden cane is much
  more sturdy than the alluminum type, which are sold here in Montreal.  In
  my personal experience, an alluminum cane which I bought here in Montreal
  broke while I sat on it - I was painfully bruised and cut as a result. (I only
  weigh 140 lbs., well under the weight limit of the alluminum canes.)  As
  such, I strongly advise against buying alluminum seat canes for frequent

I am very satisfied with my cane. 

I never leave home without it.

Jennifer MacEachen

June 19/13

Sheila, I wanted to write to say that, my cane arrived in good order and condition - I LOVE my new cane.  Canes Canada sized it perrrrrfectly!  I picked it up last Wednesday, and put it to work immediately.  Thank you, Canes Canada!!!

S Hemingway, Toronto, ON

January 23/13

Canes Canada, I am totally thrilled with this shoe horn and it is much like the one I had gotten my husband previously and it lasted for so many years.  Thank you for your trouble in cancelling the other one.  I appreciate your customer service.

Sincerely, R. Brown
November 14/12

Once again thank you for your always great customer service and helpfulness.  You offer quality products and service.  I now have 9 canes in my collection and each and everyone of them receives comment about the style and quality of the workmanship.  I have referred you to a number of colleagues at work.  They are equally pleased with your service and once again the quality of what you have on hand.

Thanks to both of you.

Yours sincerely,  M Ross
August 27/12

Hello Sheila,  Never in my life have I experienced such excellent customer service as I  have had from Canes Canada.  Without your assistance, that went above and beyond expectations, I would be stressed and anxious about my entire trip to Italy.  I just wanted to write a note especially thanking you for the help you have provided for my order, and I shall always recommend your company and make future purchases from here because of your wonderful help and concern.

L Palmer
April 25/12

There was a ring at the door two minutes ago and when Jean answered it the box containing the cane fell into her arms - the post guy had leaned it on the outside of the door!  Won't open until Friday and will let you know then how she likes it, but in the meantime I thank you very much once again for your kind and caring service.  The world should know how you good people operate!

Regards, Terry
Feb 14/12

We received our order this date.  Splendid craftsmanship and product quality.  Properly packaged for lengthy carrier travel.

Thank you for your pre-delivery support re: the application of the properly sized tip to the walking stick.

We are very pleased to have selected and relied on your business to supply this important walking aid.  Thank you so much for your superb customer service.

P. Mulhern Toronto, ON.
Oct 13/11

Sheila Gorman:

Thank you so much for your attention to my request for a new cane.  It is beautiful and exactly the right height.  A good friend in Calgary, Dorothy D., will most likely call you in a few weeks to order one for herself.  I have passed on your telephone number and the name of your company.

Thanks again,

Aug 11/11

I received my cane "The Jaguar" yesterday.  (Aug 10/11) It truly is beautiful and was shipped right on time. I almost feel guilty for getting it for such a low price. Thank-you so much!

Grover G.

June 30/11

Hi There:  Placed my order on Thursday and received my cane today, Wednesday.  I am a 58 year young woman and like to find and use canes that are attractive as well as being sturdy.

I FOUND ONE, at this site.  I ordered the Rainbow Cane and have already had two positive remarks regarding my new cane.  For me it is like buying a new pair of shoes.  Really, walking with a cane, I sometimes feel older than my age, or appear older than my age.  But, when i use a cane that is up to date and fashionable it helps the situation, and I don't resent using it so much. 

So thanks for making such a nice cane, and thanks for the prompt service.  The cane is exactly as it appears in the picture.  Looks like candy:)

C Pogue London, ON
April 4/11

Hi Sheila,

Everything arrived on Friday...perfect timing!
We love it all ..the laminated cane is beautiful..so classy!
Thanks for your patience & help in this matter.
Cathy & Brian Lee
Jan 4/11

Dear Sheila;  Thank you for the prompt delivery of the walking cane.  It arrived this afternoon and my husband is quite happy. We are glad that you could help us getting a cane long enough. We had tried everywhere around our location. Thanks again.

SincerelyM. Ortenburg
Dear Sheila,

The "hiker" arrived safe and sound today - it is magnificent, I was expecting something special but this really is a wonderful work of art.
Please thank Rick and complement him from me on his incredible high level of workmanship.
I can't wait to show it off to everyone I know!
Best Regards and Thanks again    Doug
Nov 10/10

Hi Sheila:

Got the canes. They're great! Now I can ditch the crutch. Can move a little faster too.

Thanks, Kevin.
Sept. 29/10

My order arrived this morning Sheila. Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous service, and the cane was a very nice product too.
Please feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial.
Thanks again,   Don Allan
Feb 2/10

I received my new Field and Stream cane yesterday and I love it.
I will use it proudly and will take great pleasure in telling everyone
who admires it how they can get theirs.
K King,   Bracebridge, Ontario.
Dec 2/09


I received the hiker last night and my husband is amazed.  It is beautiful!
He is not sure if he will actually use it or display it as a piece of art!

Thank you for all your help.  We will be bragging to all our friends about where we found this great hiker!

Nov. 28/09

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the cane that you recently sent me. I loved all of the dog carvings and I can hardly wait until Christmas to give the gift to my husband.I know that he is going to cherish it. Thank you so much for your excellent service and the wonderful talent of your carver.

Sincerely, D. Crowell
Aug 19/09

Dear Sheila,

Thank you once again for all you help with the blackthorn canes, my husband loves them! The taller height worked out perfectly.
All the best,   M. Highfield
June 18/09

Hi Llano,  just had to let you know I LOVE MY NEW CANE.  I wonder how I got by with my old one.  My Mighty Hercules is just the right height and the tripod has proven to be most valuable.  It had its inaugural journey today in the house, shopping, and in the garden.  I feel I have a new best friend.  It came in on the day my doctor called to say my x-rays showed severe arthritis in both knees.  Now I feel I can get around a lot better with my new cane from you and you can label me one very satisfied customer!!!

C. Parker
April 2/09

Hi Sheila,

Just to let you know, I received my cane yesterday and am very pleased with it. The wood is rich looking and feels so smooth to the touch without being slippery. Most importantly, it feels great to walk with. I loved the "Cane Man's" little write up on support vs. balance; I could certainly identify and agree with it. I can feel fashionable and safe with my new "walking stick". I also enjoyed the tracking record provided by FedEx as I could follow the progress of my cane making it's way across Canada. I will be your ambassador in the east!

Thank you again

P. Michalak
Feb 19/09

Hi Sheila:
I recieved the cuffs today. They are a great improvement and that is an improvement from excellent. Thanks so much for looking after this for me. I will be recommending your services to any cane or crutch user I meet. Needless to say I will also contact you for any of my future needs.
I wish you and Llano all the best in your business and in your lives. It has been a pleasure.
Blessings, Keith
Nov 8/08
I would like to say a few words about the wonderful customer service and the quality of the canes one gets from Canes Canada.  I recently broke my ankle and was in need of a cane so I could dump the crutches and go to a walking cast.  I am 6’4” tall and weigh about 250 lbs  - I am not a small man.  I called and spoke with Llano, who I might say will not sell you what you don’t need, to discuss my needs and the cane that would best work for me.  After a long conversation  I choose the Highlander Blue and the walnut pistol grip, more for when on the trail.  I can’t say enough about their customer service and willingness to make sure all things are handled correctly and in a speedy manor.  I required a cane with a length of 42”  which would mean a special order.  I received both of my canes in just a little over a week and was very surprised at the beauty and workmanship of each cane – the pictures don’t do justice to the end product.  I have had many complements on both canes.  It was difficult to go to using a cane because of what I perceived as a stigma of “being old”  but I hated the crutches.  Well I can honestly say that since I received my canes I can walk with a smile because I walk in style with my canes from Canes Canada!  Thanks Llano for the great service and canes!

July 11/08

Thank you....you were fun to deal with. Needing a cane was a difficult thing for me to accept...made me feel feeble and I'm not a feeble person. I'm working on changing my perception of myself and this new appendage....your upbeat friendly manner really helped.

Jan 5/08

Dear Sir, I just wanted to thank you first of all for your personal phone call, telling me that you could expedite my cane in the USA. It arrived just as you said. It saved me so much trouble. Thank you again for your personal attention.I recommend you highly!!
Sincerely,  T. Jellema

June 5/07

Hi Llano,

            I was shocked when a FedEx Van pulled into my driveway TODAY with my new cane (you were just boxing it up for me when we were on the phone on Friday afternoon).  Finally, I have a cane which I can use without cutting into the palm of my hand.  I just wanted to thank you for the quality and your service.  Also, don’t be surprised if you start receiving more orders from Nova Scotia as I’ve been passing your name/business onto pharmacies here as I was unable to find anything which would accommodate my height & build…  We won’t even get into the quality issues… ;)

Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

 Cheers,  Bill

March 28/07

Great hearing from you!  Your designer "rainbow" cane named Llano traveled with us to St. Maarten, Santa Fe and Breckenridge.  I had many compliments on "Llano" and his assistance was priceless.  Thank you for making sure that he arrived the day before our travels!  Friday I was finally cleared for driving and on April 6 my husband and I will be going on a group snowshoe expo three (3) miles up Vail Mountain Pass for a two night "HUT TRIP" -- a treat of a lifetime from what I hear -- there are multiple huts (two story structures) with a sauna for all three.  Reservations require signing an extensive waiver on the web.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my foot (not yet 100% healed) will not be in too much pain -- this trip has been planned for over a year. 
Being able to walk without that black darth vader black boot is so very exciting and I can hardly believe that the orthopedic surgeons even permit their patients to walk so unbalanced -- causing excruciating pain in the lower back and hip area.  Seems like a no brain er to have both feet on the same level.  Yes, I do miss using Llano (your rainbow cane is so very special!)

Y Chapman
Nov 15/06

I just had to write and thank you so much for your amazing fast service and beautiful product! I ordered and received in lightening speed a cane for my father for Christmas. I can't believe how quickly it arrived - and it is lovely. It must be something in the beautiful Canadian air - every time I ever purchase from up north I am always more than pleased. So, thank you so much - your concern for customer service and a quality product means a lot.
All the best to you!     K.Raymond     Freehold, NJ, USA
May 19/06
Hello Llano,
Mom is doing great and loves her new cane!  She said she has written you a wee letter - hope it arrives soon.
I am thinking I may get a new cane myself - Darcy said you have one with a barley twist but with the same type of handle - he has peaked my interest!
Hope you, your family and your business are doing well!  All best wishes on your quest to find retail space.
Cheers,  Denny and Darcy
Jan 19/06
Dear Llano,
I received my canes today and they are truly beautiful.  Thank you for encouraging me to also get the Blue Jean cane.  I'm glad I did as it is a lovely cane.  I believe the Able Tripod adaptation will help me a great deal.  Don't be surprised if more people call you after seeing it. 
Thank you again.    Carolyn
Dec 18/05
Dear Sheila and llano, Happy holidays, just to let you know my new cane arrived and is very beautiful, I love the swirl carved its very unique. I will tell anyone who needs a cane your address IF OK?? Hope your feeling well and having a very Happy Holidays. (if you get snow, think of me) I miss the snow and cold. Thank you both very much. Take care and stay well. Sincerely, Dottie
May 30/05
Dear Sheila Gorman,
Mark looks great with his new canes. They are strong,  just what he needed.  And they are great looking.  Also just what he needed.  Thank you for all your help when ordering them.  your knowledge of canes and all the accessories helped us to pick just the right canes. If we need to order anything else we will be sure to call you ....
Thank you for everything.
Sincerely, J. Heywood   (Mark's grateful wife)
 Jan 16/05

Dear Sheila and Llano ...
    A Testimonial for Canes of Canada ...
    The Blackthorn Root Knob Stick that you chose for me is both Gorgeous and Extremely Comfortable!  The stick that Paul chose for me (and the generous time he devoted to me in the warehouse) is equally fabulous!
     More Importantly, the patient and personal service provided by the both of you was wonderful ... I'm a fussy guy, and you folks took all my needs into consideration, treated me like an important customer and made the purchase experience easy and enjoyable!
    Thanks Again for everything!!! ...
               Sincerely ... D. Gavurin, Lawrence, NY
March 15/04

Sheila & Llano:
The cane is incredible. It is 1/2 inch too long according to the  orthopedic technician at the hospital, which a carpenter friend will take care of tomorrow. The handle fits like a glove and puts no strain at all on my tendon-damaged hand . The cane overall is extremely comfortable, is great in taking care of my balance and weak leg problem, and has made a remarkable improvement in my posture and self-confidence in walking. My wife is as happy with it as I am. Llano, I am very glad I called you that day for advice.
My best wishes and thanks to both of you.

July 5/04

Received to total satisfaction, it has been a pleasure to have a commercial relation with you.
Thank you very much by everything.
R. Meseguer    SPAIN.
Jan 15/04

I have received the cane and it is BEAUTIFUL and functional. I will be buying more in the future, thanks for your craftsmanship.

B. Buehler, MD.
Oct 31/03

It's Corey From Newfoundland e-mailing you at 1:08 in my classroom.  I Just had a packaged delivered to my door.  THE CANE.  It looks great!!!  Thanks for everything.  Hope you have a great Halloween.

Regards,   Corey Morgan   Bay Roberts,NL
Jan 6/03

Everything is great! Thanks for asking. Mum received the cane and has been using it. She says it makes all the difference, not only helping her with support, but also with her balance -which most importantly makes her feel more confident about walking without fear of falling. She also said that now that she has a cane, people on the streets are more careful not to brush by, or try to hurry her along - so she's getting more respect and understanding as well!
Thanks for your help. Happy New Year tp you!     Justyna
Dec 3/02
Dear Llano,
        Thanks for the shipping update - my beautiful cane arrived today and I love it.  Just the right size and a perfect feel.  You have an excellent company and I thank you for your fine craftsmanship!    
All the best,    D. Wopperer    Rochester,  NY  USA
April 19/02
thanks for letting us know and for taking care of the problem!  Our mom had bought a cane many years ago when she was visiting in Canada.  She loved that cane and got many compliments on it.  She recently lost it, much to her sorrow.  We were delighted when we found your website and realized we could replace her cane with a similar one that would restore many of her happy memories.
thank you.   N. Barger